Comic Manager

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Comic Manager is a mobile application. I created using Apache Cordova, jQuery and several Apache Cordova plugins. I created the application in my spare time, to keep track of which storage boxes contain my various comics.

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Users scan the barcode of their selected comic. With the Google Books API using the barcode to find matching comics. Once a user has selected a comic. They can update the title, publisher, description and set where they can find the comic.

All the comics saved by the user get added to a list view and are saved in a local database. The list of items allows the user to select an item, to show a pop up with all the comics information. And a button to remove the comic from their database. I also added an export and import feature. To import and export the user's database as a JSON file. So the user can remove the app or change their device without the need to re-scan all their comics.