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React Projects – Time Tracker

July 22, 2019


React, JavaScript

A few weeks ago while browsing Reddit, I see the post below in the r/webdev subreddit, showing off a web app called Log Time.

After seeing it I thought the project and project idea was cool and thought it would be fun to have a go at trying to recreate it myself using React. A side objective I had was to also try and recreate the CSS as much as I could without inspecting the elements on their page.

For the most part, the project went a lot smoother than I had expected, with most of my time on it being taken up by the CSS and the calendar integration. I have worked on several personal react projects and one professional project before and think this did help make it easier than I initially thought.

One of the first things I did for the project which was different from my usual working method, was setting out most of the properties in the projects state. I do think to be able to do this early on was helped by having a clear end goal.

After around 5-6 hours work I had the application nearly complete. All it was missing was the calendar integration, which if I had left out or swapped to outputting a text file would have saved a bit of time. But I am glad I didn’t.

My original plan was to use Google Calendar just like Log Time did, but I did hit a bit of a roadblock. The trouble with using Google Calendar was that I would need my application to be checked and authorized by Google before I could access a user’s data. As this was a personal project that will not be released and having no experience with how long that would take, I decided to leave it and check out my other options.

I decided to checkout integrating the application with a users Outlook calendar, I decided to try this approach. After a bit of Google-fu, I found Microsoft Graph, that has a selection of APIs developers can use to access user data. Then once I played around with it and felt it fit my needs well, I found the video below showing you how to get completely set up and start using it in your project.

This GitHub repository also has the source code for the video above and a lot of other useful code. Once I had the API calls in place and it was working with some static data, all I had to do was update the POST call with my actual data and spend some time on a nice Login page to ask the user for their account access.

On my final day of working on the project, I decided to expand my idea just a little and add a button that would allow users to add new tasks. Thankfully I found this tutorial on creating a modal in react from which helped when I got stuck with creating my own.

Finally. You can see the working version of the application in the gif below and if you fancy a look at the source code you can find it on GitHub (but beware it can still use some cleaning up). Overall I enjoyed working on the project and want to give another shoutout and thanks to the team at Log Time for sharing this, and giving me an enjoyable side project to work on.